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SKY Advanced Materials增加碳纤维织物的容量
发布日期:2018-11-07  来源:JEC  浏览次数:488
   Sky Advanced Materials宣布其碳纤维,多轴,非卷曲面料生产能力翻番。
  SKY Advanced Materials增加碳纤维织物的容量
  该公司已投资建设第二条MAX5生产线,使Sky Advanced Materials能够满足不断增长的客户需求。
  Sky Advanced Materials总裁Kamal Al-Rawi说:
  Sky Advanced Materials announce the doubling of its’ carbon fiber, multi-axial, non-crimp fabric production capacity.
  SKY Advanced Materials increase capacity of carbon fabric
  The company has invested in a second MAX5 production line which will enable Sky Advanced Materials to meet the growing customer demand.
  Furthermore, additional weaving capacity is planned for the near future at the facility in Fot, near Budapest, Hungary.
  Sky Advanced Materials President, Kamal Al-Rawi said:
  “Our mission is to grow use of carbon fiber and its many applications through well engineered, quality materials. Sky follows their investment plan by adding more non-crimp fabric and woven fiber capacity to be the market leader in carbon fabric production”.
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