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  Bitrez的Curabox是泛欧项目的结果,与欧洲领先的材料研发中心合作,推动苯并恶嗪化学的界限。“我们非常高兴推出我们的新系列阻燃苯并恶嗪热固性缰绳,其商品名为Curabox,”Bitrez复合树脂销售经理Dominic Hopwood说。
  Bitrez总部位于威根,为航空航天,汽车,国防,能源,石油和天然气以及一般工业市场的公司生产高性能合成树脂,催化剂和固化剂。Bitrez的生产工厂符合COMAH [Seveso]和ISO 9001/14001/18001标准,包括许多容量为3000 - 30,000升的反应装置,以及适用于高反应性树脂的卓越冷却设施。

  Bitrez, UK’s leading manufacturer of specialist polymers and chemicals, is launching a family of flame retardant benzoxazine thermoset resins called Curabox at Advanced Engineering 2018, in Birmingham next week.
  With high service temperatures and “excellent mechanical and electrical properties”, Curabox is said to perform well over prolonged periods in difficult working environments. Its high-performance characteristics and endurance to mechanical and chemical attack, make it extremely suitable for the manufacture of long service composite components, according to the manufacturer. Applications include primary and secondary structures for aerospace, or frames, body panels and structural reinforcements on trains, buses, trucks and cars.
  Applications include primary and secondary structures for aerospace, or frames, body panels and structural reinforcements on trains, buses, trucks and cars. ? Bitrez
  Bitrez’s Curabox is the result of a pan-European project, in partnership with a leading European materials R&D centre, to push the boundaries of benzoxazine chemistry. “We’re very excited to launch our new family of flame retardant Benzoxazine thermoset reins which will go under the trade name of Curabox,” said Dominic Hopwood, Bitrez’s Composites Resin Sales Manager.
  “This is just the start of our Curabox story. We hope to be in a position, in the next 12 months, to add further grades to the Curabox family which will bring even more novel chemistry to composite applications. So, if you’re in the market for a high-performance resin system, come along to our stand at Advanced Engineering and have a chat about how we can help you.”
  Bitrez also offers toll conversion as well as technical support. Its team of experienced chemists can produce materials from laboratory scale through a transient pilot stage to enable scale up and allow for small scale qualification work before moving to commercial manufacture.
  based in Wigan, Bitrez manufactures high performance synthetic resin, catalysts and curing agents for companies across aerospace, automotive, defence, energy, oil and gas and general industrial markets. Bitrez’s manufacturing plant, which is COMAH [Seveso] and ISO 9001/14001/18001 compliant, comprises numerous reaction units from 3000 – 30,000 litre capacity, along with exceptional cooling facilities to accommodate high reactivity resins.
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