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   Techsil开发出一种名为EP25880 Clear的新型透明环氧粘合剂,可快速固化并在碳纤复合材料部件上提供坚固,坚韧和持久的粘合。
  Techsil的应用工程师Steve Green解释说:“我一直在与许多制造和组装复合材料制成的公司合作,并且需要找到一种能够快速,整齐地粘合碳纤维部件的产品。据报道,这些产品并不容易使用.Techsil能够开发出一种定制的,具有成本效益的1:1环氧配方,在5分钟内就能清洁并固化。“Green继续说道,“在测试中,两个碳纤维部件被'对接'并且应用56磅的台架重量测试30分钟并且根本没有麻烦关节。然后清理部件并找到关节线在美学上可以接受“。
  Techsil EP25880 Clear是一种双组分多用途环氧粘合剂,适用于粘合各种基材,包括碳纤维,木材,陶瓷和金属。Techsil EP25880透明固化成完全透水的产品,肖氏硬度为80 D,钢的剪切强度超过20 MPa,钢的抗拉强度超过30 MPa。

  Techsil have developed a new clear, epoxy adhesive called EP25880 Clear that cures fast and provides a strong, tough and durable bond on carbon fibre composite parts.
  P25880 Adhesive for Composites Strength Test
  Techsil's Application Engineer Steve Green explains, "I have been working with a number of companies that were manufacturing and assembling products made of composite materials and a need arose to find a product that could bond carbon fibre parts quickly and neatly. There are expensive adhesives on the market but these were reported to be not that easy to work with. Techsil was able to develop a bespoke cost effective 1:1 epoxy formulation that is clear and cures in 5 minutes."
  Green continues, "In tests, two carbon fibre parts were 'butt joined' and a bench weight test of 56lb was applied for 30 minutes and didn't trouble the joint at all. The part was then cleaned down and the joint line was found to be aesthetically acceptable".
  Techsil EP25880 Clear is a 2-component multi-purpose epoxy adhesive that is ideal for bonding various substrates including carbon fibre, wood, ceramics and metals. Techsil EP25880 Clear cures to a completely water clear product with a Shore Hardness of 80 D, a Shear Strength on steel over 20 MPa and Tensile Strength on steel of over 30 MPa.
  Techsil have just launched this product to the wider market and hope it will prove of interest to other manufacturers of products made of composite materials.
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