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   该公司宣布其新工厂的开业 - 该公司目前运营的第三个工厂 - 以及其新的企业品牌。
  销售和营销总监Hannah Khusainova评论道:“PRF在过去十年中发生了重大变化,公司目前在三个地点,生产能力提高,创新产品范围不断扩大。我们的新标识反映了这些变化,同时也保留了其前身的感觉; 我们已经发展,但我们仍然保留着高质量,专业服务和技术支持的核心价值观。“

  The company announces the opening of its new factory – the third site the company now operates from – and its new corporate brand.
  PRF’s third facility: the new Sales and Warehousing facility
  2018 has seen the completion of a significant phase of development for PRF, with the team moving into a new purpose-built facility in Summer 2018. They now operate over three sites, with increased office space, warehousing and cold storage facilities. The new site is dedicated to sales and sales support, whilst the original site now has space for increased lab and R&D facilities and the installation of a second prepreg line, which will be complete by the end of the year.
  Evolving together with the company, the PRF brand has been refreshed with a new logo and corporate image which reflect these developments.
  Sales and Marketing Director, Hannah Khusainova comments: “PRF has changed significantly in the last 10 years, with the company now on three sites, with increased manufacturing capabilities and our expanding range of innovative products. Our new logo reflects these changes, but also retains the feel of its predecessor; we have evolved but we still retain our core values of high quality, professional service and technical support.”
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