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  AMSilk首席执行官延斯·克莱因(Jens Klein)表示:“我们很高兴能与空客(空客)合作,创造一种全新的材料。”空客是世界性能飞机的领导者。在AMSilk,我们致力于生产高性能和可持续的材料,目前与空客的伙伴关系是为整个航空航天行业开辟新的、更强大和更可持续的道路的一个机会。“

  AMSilk, an industrial supplier of synthetic silk biopolymers, announces a partnership with Airbus space and related services. The two companies have entered into a joint cooperation agreement to develop the new era of composites for use in the aerospace industry.
  In recent years, the aerospace industry has shifted from metal and steel fuselage and wings to carbon fiber composite materials, primarily to decrease the plane’s weight and save fuel over time. Airbus, committed to remaining at the forefront of aerospace innovation, is the first in the industry to experiment with this new material. It intends to explore how AMSilk’s Biosteel fiber can allow them to approach the design and construction of their planes in an entirely new way.
  The new composite material will be built using AMSilk’s Biosteel fiber technology, which enables lightweight construction with multiple shock resistance and flexibility. As demand for air travel continues to increase, the need for larger, more flexible planes which spend less time in the shop and more time in the sky will continue to grow.
  Biosteel fiber is made from a biopolymer based on natural spider silk, a material known for its strength, flexibility and toughness. AMSilk produces Biosteel fiber through a closed-loop biotechnological process that renders the product highly sustainable, with no petroleum inputs.
  “We are excited to be working with Airbus, the world leader in performance airplanes, to create a fundamentally new material,” said Jens Klein, CEO of AMSilk. “At AMSilk, we are committed to producing materials that are both highperforming and sustainable, and the current partnership with Airbus is an opportunity to set a new, stronger and more sustainable course for the entire aerospace industry.”
  AMSilk and Airbus are aiming to launch a prototype composite material in 2019.
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