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Bodo Möller建立了胶粘剂能力中心
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  专业化学品专家Bodo Möller Chemie集团成立了自己的胶粘剂能力中心(ACC)。新设备整合了所有与工业粘结要求相关的服务。ACC集中了汽车、铁路、航空航天和电子工业中胶粘剂应用的所有知识。测试实验室为胶粘剂和聚合物树脂的工业应用提供了重要的知识,并实施了15种以上的测试方法和标准。实验室按照EN 6701-2(铁路工业用胶粘剂粘接)、DIN 2304(粘合工艺质量要求)和ISO 9001:2015(质量管理)认证。测试方法包括LSS、剥离试验、老化、表面分析和其他特殊应用所需的方法。
  通过复杂的设计服务,Bodo Möller Chemie设计办公室利用标准数学方法和有限元软件,根据实验室测试结果提供连接接头的计算和设计。设计室按照EN 6701-2和DIN 2304的A1/S1级认证,用于焊接接头的计算。化工产品专家还提供初步审计,为客户公司完成由TBB证书或TC-Kleben执行的EN 6701和DIN 2304认证审核做准备。对于工业生产环境中的最终用户,Bodo Möller Chemie粘合剂能力中心为客户提供讲习班和研讨会以及实用的粘接培训。
  “我们的粘合剂能力中心使该行业能够开辟一个附加的价值链。我们开放我们的技术知识,以支持我们的工业客户的研发部门。“Bodo Möller Chemie的首席执行官弗兰克·豪格(FrankHaug)说。
  ACC offers lab testing, education, design and audit support for the use of adhesives
  The expert for specialty chemical products, Bodo M?ller Chemie Group, has established its own Adhesive Competence Center (ACC). The new unit consolidates all services related to the requirements of industrial adhesive bonding. The ACC concentrates all knowledge for adhesive applications in automotive, rail, aerospace and electronics industry. The testing laboratory offers important knowledge for industrial usage of adhesives and polymer resins and implemented more than 15 test methods and standards. The laboratory is certified according to EN6701-2 (Adhesive bonding for railway industries), DIN 2304 (Quality requirements for adhesive bonding processes) and ISO 9001:2015 (Quality management). The test methods include LSS, peel test, aging, surface analyzing and any other required for special applications.
  Design, audit and education
  With complex design services, the Bodo M?ller Chemie design office offers calculation and design of bonding joints based on the lab test results by standard mathematical methods and FEM software. The design office is certified according to EN 6701-2 and DIN 2304 on A1/S1 class for calculations of bonding joints. The specialist in chemical products also offers initial audits preparing a client’s company for the fulfillment of EN 6701 and DIN2304 certification audits executed by TBB Cert or TC-Kleben. For end users in industrial production environment, the Bodo M?ller Chemie Adhesive Competence Center offers workshops and seminars for clients as well as practical bonding trainings.
  Emerging market adhesives
  The global market for industrial adhesives is growing in many industrial areas. The main reason behind stable growth of the industrial adhesive market is its physical properties, and ease of use in production process.
  “Our Adhesives Competence Center enables the industry to open up an added value chain. We open up our technical knowledge to support the R&D-departments of our industrial clients”, says Frank Haug, CEO of Bodo M?ller Chemie.
  The long-term experience in the market, conformity with the important ISO standards and competence in applications for modern adhesives give clients from different industrial areas valuable assistance.

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