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到2018年底,GE将为其新的LM Wind Power海上风力涡轮机叶片工厂招募约100名员工。该公司将在当地的“卓越中心”为每位新员工提供培训和认证计划,为2019年1月开始的原型设计阶段做准备。
LM Wind Power将通过为期四到六周的理论和实践计划,为风力涡轮机叶片制造培训每位新员工。培训在法国,西班牙和波兰的工厂,培训中心,生产线和各种研讨会进行。 Cherbourg地点通过这一标准化流程培训技术工人团队,基于体验式学习,使用最佳培训材料,由专业人员和导师的技术团队进行更新和支持。
LM Wind Power公司总裁兼首席执行官Duncan Berry表示:“该工厂将成为该地区的就业来源。2018年将有100名管理人员,技术人员和运营商签订永久合同。招聘工作将在2019年和完全生产期间,该地点应容纳550多人“。
工厂从招聘管理团队开始,大约有10名员工已经在工厂工作。该地点已确定了四分之一职位的候选人,2018年将留下约70个职位空缺.LM Wind Power寻找拥有一定管理技能的员工,以便能够将这些员工作为团队领导者推广为新的同事群体进来。
该工厂将为不断增长的欧洲海上风力涡轮机市场的所有客户提供服务,并将有能力生产专用于Haliade-X 12MW的107米长叶片。工厂的扩建正在开始,以确保该叶片的预期生产能力。


GE will recruit about 100 people until the end 2018 for its new LM Wind Power offshore wind turbine blades plant. The company will offer each new employee a training and certification program in the local "Center of Excellence", in preparation for the start of the prototyping phase expected in January 2019.




GE to launch its center of excellence in Cherbourg

LM Wind Power will train each new employee, through a four to six-week theoretical and practical program, to wind turbine blades manufacturing. The trainings take place in France and in factories in Spain and Poland, in training centers, on production lines, and during various workshops. The Cherbourg site trains teams of skilled workers through this standardized process, based on experiential learning using the best training material, updated and supported by a technical team of professionals and mentors.

Duncan Berry, President and CEO, LM Wind Power said: "This plant will become a source of employment in the region. One hundred managers, technicians and operators on permanent contracts are to be filled in the year 2018. The recruitments will be pursued in 2019 and during periods of full production, the site should accommodate more than 550 people".

This facility will provide a significant number of highly skilled jobs over the long term, benefiting the economy and the local community. The activity could also create up to 2000 indirect jobs in the region.

The plant starts by recruiting the management team, and about ten employees have already taken up their duties in the factory. The site has identified candidates for a quarter of the positions to be filled, which leaves around 70 vacancies in 2018. LM Wind Power looks for employees who possess some management skills, to be able to promote these employees as team leaders as new groups of colleagues come in.

The plant will serve all customers in the growing European offshore wind turbine market, and will have the capability to produce a 107-meter length blade dedicated to the Haliade-X 12MW. An extension of the plant is starting, in order to ensure the expected production capacity of this blade.

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