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       由Microtex SRL在意大利制造,Total Composite Solutions Ltd(TCS)提供的X4-160高性能树脂系统已经超出了测试标准PV1200,PV1300和PV1300 2的要求,通常被认为是一些最严格的汽车行业环境模拟标准。





TCS常务董事Andrew Pointon表示:






X4-160 high performance resin system offered by Total Composite Solutions Ltd (TCS), manufactured in Italy by Microtex SRL, has exceeded the requirements of test standards PV1200, PV1300 and PV1300 2, often considered as some of the most stringent environmental simulations standards within the Automotive sector.


X4-160 is a high TG (160°C) clear cosmetic prepreg system widely used within the sector for both interior and exterior carbon parts, wher the clarity and TG offer substantial benefits over many other traditional materials seen within the market. Further details are set out in this data sheet.

Andrew Pointon, Managing Director of TCS, states:

“The approval for X4 is further validation of the company’s ongoing innovation and development strategy, and clearly demonstrates the product quality. These materials have gained strong traction within the sector due to the clarity and high TG, giving flexibility of design application both internally and externally within the vehicle. In addition, the unique curing system, which excludes powders widely used within competitive products, eliminates white wash and white spot faults greatly reducing manufacturing scrap rates of cured parts.”


More information: 





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